Everybody's doin' the Hanu-calypso
In Baltimore, Miami and even Pokipso.
It's really fun to do, it takes center stage
The Hanu-calypso is the rage of the age.

It really is hip, so
Grab a dreidel and spin
Land on gimel you win
The facto is ipso.

Makes your heartbeat skip so
Grab a partner and dance
Come on, take a chance and do the Hanu-calypso.

We light the candles for eight whole nights
Eat those latkes 'til they're out of sight.
We party with our family and with our friends
And do the Hanu-calypso, hope it never ends.

My Aunt Sophie she looks so svelt,
She bought a new dress with all her Hanukkah gelt
She felt like dancing, so she ran onto the floor
And did the Hanu-calypso 'til a quarter to four

It makes you flip so
Take the shamas and light it
Grab a donut and bite it
Pour the wine and sip so

The Hanu-calypso
Eat your potato chips - so (you mean latkes)
When you fry it oil
Every boy and goil
Will do the Hanu-calypso.

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